Songwriting Contest Results

The following ten songwriters have won their respective category in the songwriting contest. The top songs were determined by "songwriting" alone. Vocal ability was not taken into consideration. A full instrumental production was also not considered. Paul Anderson came in 1st place, Pat Harrington 2nd place and John Wagner 3rd place.

Category Winners

Adult Contemporary
Maria Friedman - Freedom
Elizabeth Maldonado - With You


Dara Huang - Dancing With Angels
John Wagner - Tell Me

David Schneider - Call You Daddy
Jordan Thomas - Another Life


Lyric Only
Ksenia Sobchak - Ghost
Jose Navarrete - No Apologies


Pat Harrington - Leave Me Alone
Paul Anderson - Here We Are

Category Finalists

Adult Contemporary
Amber Steiner - A Wedding Song
Gianna Rosati - Can't Sleep Tonight
Madison Wilson - Covered by the Moon
Mary Gruber - I’m Feeling Lonely
Alex Hernandez - Wish Me Luck
Robert Goossens - Love Comes Too Soon
Nezha Alaoui - Volume of your Heart
Frank Garcia - We Can Wait


Chelsea Sousa - Rainy Sunday
Maryam Nemazee - Sounds Of Summer
Shannon Klein - Open Your Mind
Kimberly Alonso - Red Stone
Janet Girardot - Beauty in the Madness
Edward Rosenberg - Are You Ready
Kevin Smith - Deep Appreciation
Max Brown - Our Little Secret


Cecilia Mwangi - Only In Holiness
Caroline Winberg - My Soul Provider
Matti Korhonen - Fisher of Men
Catherine Lhamon - The Time Is Near
Luis Rodriguez - Small In This World
Nicholas Gonzalez - The Walls Are Closing In
Cheng Liang - Never Ending Wars
Tony Johnson - The One You Left Behind


Lyric Only
Brenda Jones - If Our Love Was A Game
Pablo Torres - Shades of Sadness
Terry Williams - A Warriors' Journey
Elizabeth Lopez - Venus Calling
Andrew Koller - Vines
Austin Townsend - Springfield
John Solovyov - Smoke and Fire
Chase Williams - It Will Take Some Time

Ramon Aguillon - Dare To Love Again
Emily Graham - Mary's Song
Claudette Fournier - A World Far Away
Michelle Davis - The Country I Deserve
Andy Jefferson - South of Somewhere
Diane Clark - Coming to the Party
William Costa - Don’t Hold Me Too Close
Richard Taylor - Those Eyes