2020 BLUE Microphone Giveaway (Value $1,699.99)
  Blue Mic Giveaway

Every submission entered into the current songwriting contest will automatically give the songwriter a "credit" toward the "BLUE Microphone Giveaway" promotion. The more songs you submit into the contest, the more credits you will receive toward the promotion. Three writers' "credits" will then be randomly selected to receive the BLUE Bottle Rocket Microphone and four switchable "caps" (microphone capsules). The results from the promotion have no connection to the "Songwriting Contest" results.  
1 Submission into the songwriting contest = 1 Credit toward the promotion
2 Submissions into the songwriting contest = 2 Credits toward the promotion
3 Submissions into the songwriting contest = 5 Credits toward the promotion
5 Submissions into the songwriting contest = 10 Credits toward the promotion
10 Submissions into the songwriting contest = 25 Credits toward the promotion

  Blue Mic Giveaway  
Four Microphones In One

BLUE Bottle Rocket Mic Locker Details

Like having an entire mic locker in a single package, Bottle Rocket Mic Locker gives you Blue’s acclaimed Bottle Rocket Stage One plus four of the world’s most classic microphone capsules that you can swap in and out to get the perfect sound, every time, for any vocal or instrument type. Housed in a custom designed SKB® hard shell case, Bottle Rocket Mic Locker delivers the ultimate power to choose the right mic sounds to inspire your recording sessions.

BLUE Bottle Rocket Mic Locker Includes
  • Bottle Rocket Stage One
  • B0 Bottle Cap – silky, extended presence
  • B6 Bottle Cap – classic warmth, larger than life sound
  • B7 Bottle Cap – vintage detailed mids with airy presence
  • B8 Bottle Cap – crystal clear sound with incredible detail
  • Custom SKB Hard Shell Carry Case
  • Shockmount


* Each individual whose credits are randomly selected will be awarded "one" microphone and "four" capsules.
* Three winners will be selected.
* Promotional credits are automatically associated with the songwriter at the time of submission. * Since the promotional winners are randomly selected, it is possible to win more than once with multiple credits. * Entries must be submitted into the current 2020 contest to be eligible. * The promotional winners have no relation to the selection of the "Songwriting Contest" winners. * The promotional winners will be contacted by phone or email by April 15, 2020. * There are no maximum amount of credits one can obtain through multiple submissions into the "Songwriting Contest". * Song of the Year will be responsible for the payment on the shipping and handling of the products.

Mic 1
Mic 2 Mic 3 Mic 4  

B0 Microphone Capsule

B6 Microphone Capsule

B7 Microphone Capsule

B8 Microphone Capsule

Silky, sultry with an extended presence
Classic warmth, with that larger-than-life sound
Vintage detailed mids with airy presence
Crystal-clear sound with incredible detail