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Song of the Year songwriting contest

May's Top Songwriters

Runner Ups

  Runner Ups are based on the point system alone. The judges each month are given forms to rank the songs they receive on elements like structure, melodies, music, lyrics, etc......    This is what the Winners and Finalists are selected by. The Runner Ups are based on high scores from the judges. The Runner Ups are the highest ranked songs that did not make it into the top five picks.  


Adrienne Leopold
Anthony Buscemi
Barbara Cueto
Candy Grey
Clint Jacobs
Dawn Marie 
Diane Mannherz 
Dinky Wesley
Dominic French
G.M. Selemon
Gabriella Paolini
Heather Stewart
Ilja Rosendahl
Ingrid Hagelberg
J.D. Harris
James E. Scronce 
Jason Conrad Tobin
JJ Criss 
Joanne Reisener
Joseph Farren
Kathi Kowski
Kerstin Stilling
Kirsten S. Burt 
Leslie Harris
Lyndsay Bell
Mari Iijima 
Matthew James
Matthew DiMarino
Michael Groth
Michael Socarras
Michael Sarno
Michael S Mufarreh 
Oneika Mays
Paul K Mitchell
Peter Tonna

Popa Xenofon George 
Robert D. Carr
Ross Haik
Sandra Shields Byrd
Sidney Miller
Stephen Desjardins
Steven Lazzara
Terri Lee 
Todd Boyko
Tony Waugh
Torfi Olafsson