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Song of the Year Songwriting Contest

November's Top Songwriters

Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention- Honorable Mention means that the preliminary judges and/or the professionals offering the critiques have found your submissions exceptional for one reason or another. It could be the lyrics, melodies, music, etc...  If Song of the Year receives a lot of positive responses from our judges about a song, you will be place in the Honorable Mention category. This status indicates that a submission was found impressive by a number of the judges.


Adrienne Leopold 
Alex Lato
Alyssa Roberts
Ben Siems
Catherine Sabala
Chris Tessmer
Dana Blayone
Darius Gakas
Darlene S Jackson
David Larson
David Lunbeck
David Erik
David K Jones
Denton  Irving
Diamond Jones 
Dirt Settlers
Dolores O'Sullivan
Eric Bergland
Farris Blount
Gregory L. Scott
Jeffrey Justman
Joel Nunez
Johann G Johannsson
John Wooten
Jon Steinberg
Jon Lehti
Jonathan E. Stone 
Josh Ott
Karen Cobb
Kaz Piech
Kellie Jones
Kelvin Coles
Ken Bodell
Larry Black
Laura Villella
Lisa Valley
Mae A. Ensley
Mario Bonds
Marla Degenhardt
Mary Anne Lonergan
Matt Boyer
Michael DeVincenzi
Michael Pool
Milan Vymazal
Nakesha T. Brown
Nathan Embree
Norm McDonald
Okitchy Robertson

Pat Parra
Paul Malysa
Pearl Pennington Blevins
Phil Stanmore 
Randal Scales
Richard Xavior Ciparro
Rick Roark
Robert Ozug
Robin Thomas
Roland L. Jobin
Ryan Westover
Samuel  Gregory 
Sandra Daves
William Lacewell