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 Songwriting Contest

All of the 2005 Monthly Winners are listed below. These are the winning songwriters from each month. There is one winner in every category for each month (12 per category for the year). 

The monthly winners are from all over the world including: Kazakhstan, South Africa, Portugal, Australia, Sweden, England, Canada, The United States, Puerto Rico, Israel, The Netherlands, Cyprus, France, and Ireland. Be sure to subscribe to the Newsletter for contest updates and winner announcements!


*You may need Windows Media Player to listen to the audio files.

Lyrics Only

Patrick Anderson & Carolyn Anderson - Silent Pride Andrey Russanov  - One Day in Heaven Roni Doyon - Empty Home
Isaac Khonjelwayo - Key To Love Nicole Stevens  - What We've Realized Elizabeth Milcarek - God and I Had A Talk About That
Samantha Gannon - City Of Angels Terry Fraley & Bob Pope  - If I let myself go Holly Steele - Beautiful Wonder
Davey Griffin - Work hard for it John Messier - I can't kill your love George D. Williams - Inside


Gary Vincent - Where Would I Be? Jim Vilandre - When Love Rules Your Heart  Jim Vilandre - Live for the Line
Evelina Gard - It's Not In Vain  Delroy Neita - Give Thanks  Godchild - So Incredible
Diane Thompson - Open up your heart  Gabrielle Walker - Heaven's Gate  Katie Miner - Blessed 
Fredrik Nelsson - Everything Sherilyn Carr - So in need  Brenda Heffernan - His eyes are on me 


Paul Willms - About You Indiana Gregg - Oh Me Oh My  Soulframe - Tonight
Will Kevans (Junk TV) - Out There  Owen Thomas & Lily-May Young - Guilty Rejean Germain  - Sing to You
Keaton Simons - Nobody Knows  Michael Brandmeier  - Returning Home  Jenna Drey - Impossibility 
Kristy Kay - Perfect World Dalton Grant - Smile Jamie Meyer - More of You


Pedro Rivera - In My Life  Kevin Shaw - John  Randy Heavin - Stuck between a rock and no place
Terry Mullins - Interstate Motel  Andrea Standley - Daddy's Golden Rule  Eddie Sutphin - Stronger Than Steel Love
Renee Lopez - Charmed Life  Joe Merrick - Good For Me  Matt Poss - Her mama don't love me 
Stephen Desjardins - I Am Because Of You Mitch Townley &  Donna Galbraith - That's gonna be me  Debbie Pascarella - Wish I Was Kissin' My H.S. Boyfriend
Ashley - Come Into Love  Dhani Marshall - Dandelion  Thomas McGrath - Shutting Off My Senses
Daniel Schneider & Jonathan Schneide - Leaving Los Angeles  Jakob Nebel - Silence  Gerardo Montanez - Can't Mend This Love
Keaton Simons - Drive Away  Velvet Cross - Broken  Andrew Kurtz - Stairways 
Daryl Youngblood - World Upside Down Joel LaRiccia - You believed in me  Chris Sernel - Without

Adult Contemporary

Katherine Schell - Rest Assured  Jacob Grenz  - To Be Me  Jamie Meyer - More of You
Maria Gronlund - Cherry Tree  Jennifer Adan - How long will you love me  Kimberly Carver - Call Me Again
David Cope - Throw Me Out  Anne Bridge - In your arms  Conrad Heinz - Burn 
Ronald Hirte - Melted Liz Garvin - True Colours  Adam Marcus - Long Time (Bountiful, Utah)


Denis Esapa - I Admit  J Songs  - Free  Timeless - Good Times 
Eytan Koch - Fishbowl  Ted Hyland  - Can't get over you J Songs  - Free 
Kelly Mercado - Where Is The Man I Need?  Jason Holley - Warzone  Meriere Izobo - Eternal 
Désirée - Boys Leave The Girls Alone  Danielle Swaby - Games  Ionita Constantin - Love you crazy women


Maria DeMaio - Depth Of Me  Lori Kester - Shadow Leah Hanna King  - The Man I Never Knew
Shannon Veurink - Not Afraid  Hadara Levin-Areddy - Break Me Down  Dina Regine  - Beautiful
Leah Hanna King - Just For Me  Joe Merrick - Just in case  Leanne Bugat - Without Condition 
Matt Parris - Once Again Jennifer Jayden - Super Girl Mitch Townley &  Donna Galbraith- That's gonna be me


Rita Struik - Treasures Mariette Otten - Missing You Timothy Broadbent - Sum of all Parts 
Brian Fitzgerald - A Day At The Beach Kendra Legare - Island Girls  Steve Booke - Inward Upward 
William Ellsum - Winds Of Change  Frank Pietrantoni - Sunrise in the city Peter Carnell - Memory of a Dream 
Maria Grönlund - Om Flickan Ifrĺn Ipanema Robert Henry - March through Victory Lane  Keaton Simons - Currently


Nisha Catron & Clay Colgin - Step Into My World Din-OZ - Plastic Heart  Natalia Ivachkevitch - Fears
Lynne Moritz (Rebeca) - Picture Me  Alexander Lasa - This is me  Hicham El Hammouchi - Digital Passion
Jenna Drey - Killing Me  Melissa Paser - Dying Leaves My Studio - Waking Up 
Michael Satrazemis - Sister The Green Children - I see you  Lorayne - Dream3