Songwriting Contest Results

The following ten songwriters have won their respective category in the songwriting contest. The top songs were determined by "songwriting" alone. Vocal ability was not taken into consideration. John Robinson came in 1st place, Miguel Jimenez came in 2nd place and Monica Vitti came in 3rd place. A special congratulations to Andrew Foster who received a finalist placement with two different songs. 

Category Winners


Adult Contemporary
Lisa Jordan - Agree
William Cullen - Gone To Heaven


Clara Silva - Dalliance At Dusk
Monica Vitti - Mirror Mirror

Lyric Only

Natalie Foster - Let Him Hear Me
Michael Coleman - Dance For Life


Miguel Jimenez - I Pray
Kevin Johnson - The Dough


Nikos Aliagas - Point Of View
John Robinson - Drink Tonight


Category Finalists


Adult Contemporary

Bob Davoli - It Still Hurts
AC Sapphire - Weed Money
Jalia Earthschild - Keeper of the Flame
Steve Scarborough - I'm Still In Love


Kay Kostopoulos - It Just Has To Be
Stuart Dennis - I'll Be The One
Juliane Kowski - My heart will break before it bends
Dusty Frank - It's You



Gladius - AM Catchy
Howie Alper - New Place
Chris Frazer - Floydian Slip
Charlie Armour - Wheels of Sound

Holli Martinez - Two Lives
Claude Vera - Walk It Back
Gayle Skidmore - Viva La Vita
Simo Naapuri - Happiness

Lyric Only


Tanja Kraus - Human Grace
Darren Wiedman - The Second
Wayne Stay - God Almighty's Choice
Becki Bean - Somewhere, Somehow

Lachi - Trust
Tim Long - Before The Storm
Andrew Foster - The Stars
Melissa Williams - No Money



James Bennett - More Amazing
Level Seven - You Are The Light
Jerry Cleveland - I Am Blessed
Bruce Campanella - Miracle Maker

Erik Runeson - The Painter
Andrew Foster - Run
Sam Young - See You There
Rebecca Smith - Not Gonna Let You Go



Lottie - In The Dark
Sean Coady - Better Days
Tom Watson - Innocent Face
Yvonne Marie Stanfield - April Food

Gregg Rosenbaum - Don't Wait On Me
Adrienne Leopold - No Heart
Spencer Kelly - When She Was Everything
Berkley Burch - Having the Time of Our Lives