Songwriting Contest Results

The following ten songwriters have won their respective category in the songwriting contest. The top songs were determined by "songwriting" alone. Vocal ability was not taken into consideration. A full instrumental production was also not considered. For example, the Folk Winner placed with a simple acoustic guitar and vocal recording. Taylor James came in 1st place, John Ridley came in 2nd place and Natalie Reynolds came in 3rd place. A special congratulations to Jeremy Scott who placed as both a "Winner" and "Finalist" with two different songs!

Category Winners


Natalie Reynolds - Boy
Elizabeth Torres - Girl Next Door


Tonya Lee - New Beginnings
John Irving - Leave Me Alone

Lyric Only

Adult Contemporary
John Ridley - Bourbon Blues
Taylor James - Anxiety


Jeremy Scott - Let God
Jamie Davies - U Feel Like Home


Lucía Méndez - Human
Thomas Lemar - Anything Else But U


Category Finalists

Megan Fay & Nicolas Laget - Footprints Stop
Christine DeLeon - Clearing The Air
Davidly - When To Go Home
Sylvaine - Eg Er Framand

Bryan Taylor - W.I.T.H.
Bryan Spencer Rose - Shrug
Roger Palmer - Aquarian Nights
Sakura Hinata - Strike a Chord in Your Heart

Lyric Only
Brittan Moore - Give Me Time
Artur J Domowicz - Starseeds Activate
Dan Edwards - Little Light Shine
Sandra Doolan - Heaven Can Wait

Reverence Worship - Be Like Jesus
Jim Bird - Your Ways
Gil Falasco - Divine Lullaby
Claudia Pellegrini - God's Not Gonna Let Go Of Me

Nicholas Saunders - Mirage
Michael Christopher - Time
Glenn D Shayne - After My Heart
Once Great Estate - Right Outside Your Door

Bryant Bibb - Time
George Williams - I'll Wave
Eric Labonté - Daredevils
Robert Daniel Nash & Billy Brown - Natural

Rhett May - Latex Lady
Mark Patrick Oestereich - It's So Good To See You Again
Michael Casinelli & Richard Livoni - Eye Of The Hurricane
Neil Nathan - When You Love Somebody

Adult Contemporary
Scott Alan Savoy - So Bye Bye
Parthur - Work The Paddle
Suzy Haworth - Mystery Road
Bri Carr - Wall Of Stone

Jordan E Spivack - The Miracle Of Life
Rebecca Drimmel - Infinity
Jeremy Scott - Moving Pictures
Carol Brown - Loving You Again

Ed Fox Project - Slam Dunk
Dr Cuz & Friends - Make This World A Better Place
Yvonne Wood - Keep Believing
Mall Beats - We Strong