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December's Top Songwriters

Runner Ups

  Runner Ups are based on the point system alone. The judges each month are given forms to rank the songs they receive on elements like structure, melodies, music, lyrics, etc......    This is what the Winners and Finalists are selected by. The Runner Ups are based on high scores from the judges. The Runner Ups are the highest ranked songs that did not make it into the top five picks.  


Alain Konda
Alexander Ceruzzi
Alexander Vlachos
Alexander Torres
Andrey Russanov
Antonietta Libardi
Brent Scott
Claire Prestney
Cynthia  Wallach
David Evans
Deborah Hayward
Debra Lee
Delroya Neita

Dennis Willis
Don Martin
Erik McNair
Felice Keller
Frank Carter
Jackie Nobles
James Vuchetich
James Fisher
Jenni Robison
Jennifer Jayden
Jeremy Sand
Jerry Parris
Jimmy Dilorenzo
Johan Lotand
John Noel
Kelly Mercado
Kendra Legare & Michael Colin
Lana Cary
Lawrence Hamblett
Lex Zaleta
Machelle Wormley
Mark Boucot
Marvin   Scott 
Mary  Lonergan
Maryna Lysachenko
Mistic Rein
Monica Franczyk
Pas Fisher

Patrick Cole
Pete Carnell
Pierrette Gagnon
Ray Ward
Rick Hessig
Rod Adams
Stephen Fields
Sunny Hilden
Three-Headed Monster
Valerie Diane
Vanessa Estrella
Wade Manly
Wendy Liew & Scott Williams
Willie Jones