Coloring Me In


Verse 1:

Keep a secret, promise to wear it well
The wounding art of our affections
Keep a secret, there’s no one to tell
About your dark little imperfection


When your hands that could hold me
Become the chains that control me
Your true colors come out


Coloring me in with black and blue
A dripping touch of ransom red
Coloring me in, its for my own good
Bruising secrets I’ve never said

You break my heart when you break my skin
Scarring reminders of the love I'm in
Coloring me in with black and blue
Until I’ve become invisible to you

Verse 2:

Keep a secret, it is always my fault
In my devotion is where it all begins
Keep a secret, a lesson I must be taught
When I push you to your vacant ends

PreChorus Repeat:

Chorus Repeat:

On that final day, tell them to color my world with things that I delight
I want to wear grandma’s yellow dress, I want to lie among lily whites
Under the vibrant greens of Meyer’s Hill, let them say their last goodbyes
May they see your true colors that day, the secrets, violence and lies

Chorus Repeat: