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Song of the Year Songwriting Contest

September's Top Songwriters

Runner Ups

  Runner Ups are based on the point system alone. The judges each month are given forms to rank the songs they receive on elements like structure, melodies, music, lyrics, etc......    This is what the Winners and Finalists are selected by. The Runner Ups are based on high scores from the judges. The Runner Ups are the highest ranked songs that did not make it into the top five picks.  


Adrienne Leopold
Anuya Pai
Brandon Scott Raymond
Christopher Tucker
Danielle Speaks
David Zuder
Deborah Johnston
Doron Gal
Eileen Velez
Gail LaBranche
Gary Harrison
Ged Flood
Guy Liskum

James Bennett
Jeff Perigo
Joel Johnson
Johan Lotand
John Savino
John Beebe
John Renfro
Karen Salstrom
Kenneth Barton
Kenny Woods
Lori Werch
Luke  Dunn
Mathias  Neyrand

Matthew Ownby
Mike Yeazel
Monica Max West
Olenka Ciolko
Paul Bonneau
Pearl P. Blevins
Peter Kozlowski
Pierre  Jacobs
Randal Scales
Reese Lindsey
Richard Eberlen
Richard  Alomar
Robert Rericha

Roque Garrido Jr.
Shirley Milkoff
Sonia Cupid
Stacey Anderson
Stephen Fernbach
Stephen Parry
Stephen Hilderbrand
Susa Webb
Tim White
Timothy Tesluk
Tina Rockett
Tony Varcoe
Zoraina Black