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Song of the Year Songwriting Contest

March's Top Songwriters

Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention- Honorable Mention means that the preliminary judges and/or the professionals offering the critiques have found your submissions exceptional for one reason or another. It could be the lyrics, melodies, music, etc...  If Song of the Year receives a lot of positive responses from our judges about a song, you will be place in the Honorable Mention category. This status indicates that a submission was found impressive by a number of the judges.


Adam Martin
Andrew Moore
Barry Falkner
Brandon Scott Raymond 
Brian Hawk
Calvin Lee  Dunn
Ceal Swezey
Charles Campbell
Clint Jacobs
Courtney  Spears
David Ganson
Diane Palmer
Edward Paul Grenga 
F.J. Nascimento 
Gennady Sherman
Helen Doss
Jared Springs
Jason Kessler
Jessica M McCloskey
Joe 'Sly Joe' Slyzelia
Karen Blair 
Katie McD 
Ken Wank
Kenny Clark
Lawrence Smith
Larry Todd
Lyle Pegg
Lyndsay Bell
Mark Graham Halls 
Mary 'Bright' Spencer 
Michael Parrish
Milan Vymazal
Oneika Mays
Ragni Elisabeth Funner 
Ray Lani
Ray Jankoski

Robert Walsh
Roger Kaye
Ron D'Alessandro 
Roni Doyon
Rosalia Querouz
Shaun Huser
Steve Sloan
Stuart Dennis
Sylvia Espiricueta
Thomas J. Fuessel
Twiggy Tran Hackett
Willian Ned Miller