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Song of the Year songwriting contest

April's Top Songwriters

Runner Ups

  Runner Ups are based on the point system alone. The judges each month are given forms to rank the songs they receive on elements like structure, melodies, music, lyrics, etc......    This is what the Winners and Finalists are selected by. The Runner Ups are based on high scores from the judges. The Runner Ups are the highest ranked songs that did not make it into the top five picks.  


Andrew Stevens
Andrey Russanov
Anthony G. Small
Beverley Aarons
Bradley Adams
Brian Mingo
Calvin Dunn
Chuck Pratt
Craig Woodward
Crystal Vanover
Daniel Bruce Tollan
Donald Kitko
Frej   Sjöström
Gary L. Olsen
Gerald Kohlbeck
Izzie Voodoo 
Jeffry Powers
Jes Falcon
Jim Koz
Jim Stewart
John Messier
John F Daly
Jose A. Rodriguez
Joy Clark
Kate Seaton
Katherine Sasseen
Ken Wank
Kenny Star
Kimberly Plancich
Latonya S. Peterson
Mark Stempler
Mike Parrish
Olga Osipova
Paula Zuehlke
Philip Heese
Pierrette Gagnon
Richard Ippoliti
Richard Worth
Ronnie Wilson
Shyla Marie
Steven Rosen
Tom Clawson
Tony Williamson
Wendell Radke