Lyric Only Submissions

We are seeking lyrics to compete in the Song of the Year song and lyric writing contest. Traditionally, song contests have focused on musical works however we recognize the significance and power of lyrics and poems without the use of music. The literary art developed by lyricists and poets has continually influenced culture. We appreciate the importance of this influence in society and pop culture therefore we are allowing you to submit your poems or lyrics into the Song of the Year Contest within the "Lyric Only" category. 

The "Lyric Only" category winner will compete along side the musical category winners for the grand prizes. The winners and finalists from each of the ten categories (50 total) will have their material sent to influential music insiders for further consideration. The "Lyric Only" winner will have an equal chance of winning the grand prizes. The 2006 and 2021 "3rd Place Winner", 2010, 2022, 2023 "2nd Place Winner" and the 2005/2009/2013 "1st Place Grand Prize Winners" were "Lyric Only" entries!

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