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Jason Rogers Music
Breathe Into Me


Jason Rogers brings a refreshing voice to country music with his well-crafted hooks, wonderous melodies, and vocals that express an emotional connection with each endearing note.

As a songwriter, Jason offers a broad appeal with his music by expressing his roots in traditional country music while displaying a contemporary edge that makes his music both authentic and commercially viable. It was this type of songwriting that caught the Song of the Year ( songwriting contest's attention with his song "Breathe Into Me". The intimate song filled with devotion and endearment received the honor of "Country Song of the Year".

Artists like Jason are becoming a lost breed. In the country market, the best singers are rarely the best songwriters. However with Jason Rogers, you get the full package of talent and creativity. Jason has established his artistry by writing songs that are personal and real. Jason's vocals are solid and can bring to life each song with personal integrity. Whether its the attitude displayed in his song "It Ain't Braggin" or the
lively stylings of "Thinkin", he delivers each of his tunes with captiviating performances ready for radio.

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