We are excited to present our 2004 Yearly Winners and the top ten songs from 2004 representing the ten musical categories of the competition. These ten winners include the works of songwriters from Australia, Pakistan, The United Kingdom, and The United StatesVocal ability and production quality were NOT taken into consideration. 

Meet the 2004 Yearly Winners

1st Place - Matthew Bair (Rock)

2nd Place - Tyler Ramos & Krystel (Hip-Hop/R&B)

3rd Place - Joan Batchelder (Adult Contemporary)

Chris Taylor- Lyrics

Karin Brennan & Joel Douek - Folk

Marvin Ford - Insturmental/Jazz/World 

Jenna Drey & Kevin Churko - Pop

Sajid Ghafoor & Zeeshan Parwez -Dance/Electronic 

Danny Hooper - Country

Steven Liotta & Gary Hemmingstad - Christian/Gospel



Click on the month below to see winners and finalists from each month in 2004:

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*You may need Windows Media Player to listen to the audio files.



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