Verse 1:

Wedding dress, torn, unraveled among the tears
It still lies burdened behind that closet door
Envy weaves its way through the silk and satin
An obsessive stain that I have tried to ignore


Oh Yesterday, Oh Yesterday
It defines me, It unwinds me
From harrowing seductions that I’m ashamed to admit

Oh Yesterday, Oh Yesterday
It rewinds me, It reminds me
Of our life, before the lies, when love seemed perfect

I’m willing to taste the betrayal and pain
If only to feel your love once again
For a vanishing moment let me stay
In love with you back in Yesterday

Verse 2:

This ring still sparkles, like your mesmeric eyes
It was a promise for tomorrow, An unbreakable bond
I still wear it to feel tightly wrapped up in you
A fetching memory I covet now that you have gone

Chorus Repeat:

Verse 3:

Memories, now faint, summer chapel’s calming kiss
Vandal vows, now buried beneath winter’s cold
Bandit time, it still invades my sense of purpose
Reminds me of the beauty in the lies that you sold

Chorus Repeat: