Escape To Eden


Verse 1:

My careless bedizen girl, her teasing smile illuminates this hospital room
As she feels her body surrendering to the virulent pain returning soon
Cancer’s spiteful curse can’t reach through to the lambent of her face
So I absorb her fragile beauty in this daunting and unforgiving place

Verse 2:

Her sickness is untamed, those nights she fights to possess a little dignity
But when her hair falls out she begins to doubt that I still see her beauty
She says “I’m not afraid of dying but fear that I will never be myself again”
She does not see that my blinding love is far deeper than her aging skin


She cries “I want to escape to Eden where there’s no sickness to the sin
In those sun-washed pools of youth, you’ll see that I am beautiful again”
She cries “I want to escape to Eden where the pain is replaced with bliss
Behind those gates I’ll no longer fear you seeing me broken like this”
She doesn’t know that she is still beautiful on the outside and within
She doesn’t know my love is unconditional so she escapes to Eden

Verse 3:

The suffering has ravished her youthful flare, luring it away with a wistful bend
Her choking words “Life’s a mystery, a dark comedy, applauded for its twisted end”
Tired black-coaled eyes, thirsty lips, she wonders if I still love her like before
She doesn’t understand that each new imperfection is one I infectiously adore

Chorus Repeat


Heartbeat racing, fluttering eyes, she escapes again inside her head
She is somewhere in-between her paradise and this cold hospital bed
This is where she negotiates with God and anxiously awaits his reply
She always prays “Make me feel alive again or teach me how to die!”
That's when winds rush east from Eden to distract her with stabbing chill
I whisper “Come home, pass the gates and I will love you the longer still”

Chorus Repeat