We Are Revolution


From the corners came and stood those unified in a common truth
Their sacrifices shout “We’ll die for our beliefs but not for it’s abuse

Verse 1:

We’ve given homage to their symbols, emblems of our common race
Learned to tolerate their flaunting flag yet have never seen their face
We’ve paid debts to the leaders but later we beg for some relief 
Voted against their death machines only to suffer for their beliefs

Verse 2:

They fight to mythicize our Gods, rusting rumors of our golden rules
Corrupting our Coptic antiquities, forging deities into brutal tools
They starve themselves on our sacred sheep, hungered lion pangs
Ignorance can’t be quenched when they kill in their Almighty’s name


If we must fight, it must be for love and not against things we hate
If we must die, it must be for life and not some ideological fate


We are one, We are revolution, We are the static of the nation
We are halcyon warriors, Hostages to hope for our generation
We are one, We are revolution, We are dying daily for our beliefs
Not for a cross or mosque but for freedom and peace
We are one - We are revolution

Verse 3:

We’ve protested in Tahrir Square, while they’ve burnt our churches down
Beaten, bruised, liberties abused, like wolves they’ve gathered around
Savaged sheath, between jagged teeth, stirs a perverse paragon of fear
Defiles their minds when they try to find how their gods became so insecure

Verse 4:

They’ve pacified our pleas, turning them into soundbites to sell the war
Propaganda is an ambushed truth, the media an apotheosis deplored
They’ve divided us by tongue and town then blame us for our reactions
Violate our human rights while they christen us “dangerous distractions”


Chorus x 2