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December's Top Songwriters

Suggested Artists

Suggested Artists are musicians or songwriters that the Song of the Year staff found impressive and would suggest for listening. The Suggested Artist placement is based on the Song of the Year staff, not the judges.

Aaron Robertson
Aleksandr Chazov
Alfonso Tellez Jr
Alison Dear
Anand Gosain
Arnold Veeman
Bernadette Conant
Beth Schafer
Bettina Mallepell
Cindy Stephens
Dan Depolito
David Kephart
David Glazier
Drew Schwartz
Ellen Wheeler
Emily Jambeau
Felicidad Fraser
Gato Fuentes
George Barker
Haley Brooke
Ieesha On'trel
Irina Connell
Ivar Halldorson
James Palace
Jared Brown
Jessica Gavin
Jim Carrington
Joey Donarummo
Johan Lotand
Joseph Francis Reilly
Kevin Maness
Kid Savant
Kim Duncan
Laura McCauley
Leandro Dannug
Lejo Harmeson
Leslie Powell
Marie-Genevieve Morin
Mary Leonidou
MG Weekes
Mike Parrish
Missy Arnold
Nafsica Gavrilaki
Noel Adams
Patrick Silke
Paul Boggs II
Paul Harper
Paul Peters
Paul Allen Christopher
Raymond Kozlowski
Ross Buckner
Sean-Paul Schulte
Sky Nelson
Stuart Bayes
Susanna Klayman
Tammie Lewis
Terry Dixson
Timothy Armstrong
Tom Jordan
Troy Weinberger