lyric writing

December's Top Songwriters

Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention means that the preliminary judges have found your material exceptional for one reason or another. It could be the lyrics, melodies, music, etc...  If Song of the Year receives a lot of positive responses from the judges about the material, you will be placed in the Honorable Mention category. This status indicates that your material was found impressive by a number of the judges.


Alexander Maslak
Alyssa Atherton
Bryan Taylor
Christoph Petrus
Dana Florentine
Dave Boyd
Dean Olson
Djenabou Sow
Elaine Serling
Fabio Frezzato

Fulvio Pietramala
Gary Lee Vincent
Helge Gravvold
Henrik Hoem
Jimmy Ruperto
Johann G
John Thompson
John Ehkle
Julieann Malewski
Justiner Odoms
Kelly Chowning
Kevin Pulak
Kimberly Brown
Lance Russell
Laurian Chavez
Maris Balaska
Martin Whited
Martina Brezovnik
Oli Jogvansson
Paul Edwards
Paul Wightman

Peter Higgins
Phil Heese
Quach Thach
Rob Tebaldi
Robert Adamski
Sandra Ruttan
Sonja Garlick
Sonja Key
T. Bishop Mangini
Tracy Scharf
Yasushi Otoshiro