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Songwriting Contest Results

March's Top Songwriters

Suggested Artists

Suggested Artists- Suggested Artists are musicians or songwriters that the Song of the Year staff found impressive and would suggest for listening. The Suggested Artist placement is based on the Song of the Year staff, not the judges. Song of the Year keeps the listings updated on the website so that you can use it as a reference if you need to. Song of the Year wants anyone you refer to this listing to know that the staff thought that your song was found to be quite impressive. 


A.D. Wiltshire
Andrew David Cotton
Andrie Iglesias
Ann Morrissey
Barb Sharples
Bessie Beardon
Carl Eddie Wasaff
Charles Lewis
Charles V. Hayden
Chris Van Booven
Christopher Irons
The Compulsions
Crisanto Castro
D.J. Kwas
David Kessner
Donna Brasher
Donna Forehand
Drake Perry
Eddie Lance
Eileen Sharkey
G.M. Selemon
Germain Brunet
Johnny McDaniels
Karen Marino
Laura Villella
LeNora Jaye
Lester P. Dawson
Linda L. Lobb
MariCris KiKi Pangilinan
Muhammad Abdul Jami
Nahara Abramov
Natalie Knutsen
Nkengafac A .Alemanji
Nya Terry
Patti Rayne
Pierrette Gagnon

Rebekah Ann McGunnigle
Robert Mahan
Shirley Lee
Shorty B 
Solmas Baibordi
Stacey Darlington
Stephen Desjardins
Stive Lenik
Thaddeus Semon
Warren Serra