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James White
James White is the "Lyric Only" winner in the 2010 contest with his lyrics "The War Still Wages". James explains the context of his winning lyrics: "It is a delicate matter to me really. It is about my experience in the military and how battle can change a person. Combat has some really scary sides to it and one of those sides is living with the reality of taking someone's life in combat. Some people can not get past the fact that they were responsible for the loss of a life and it can haunt them for the rest of their days. These lyrics are about how one continues to have a 'personal' war long after the other war is finished. This is neither a pro-military or anti-military song. It is simply about the personal struggles one lives with on a day to day basis while trying to come to terms with their actions".

The War Still Wages

Verse 1

The gun lay there at barren feet
His eyes stone like murmured skies
Forgiveness becomes my lacking grace
When I’ve become everything I despise

Tears silent the moment, perplexed, dying
Innocence poured upon the rigid ground
When intention speaks with self-defiance
Only naivety will hear the sound


There is no valor in the deeds I commit
The only honor I deserve is not to forget


In my mind there is no victory
Only the reminder of what I use to be
And the war still wages

In my soul there is no coming home
There’s only the battle I must fight alone
And the war still wages

The war still wages in me

Verse 2

What I found that day like seas of fire
Through furious winds a truth be known
The life I claimed in freedom’s name
In splintered time became my own

The screams still echo, tangled, and torn
Calling out to me like a discarded sin
When redemption is lost at every memory
Guilt fortifies the prison I am living in


There is no valor in the deeds I commit
The only honor I deserve is not to forget

(Repeat Chorus)


Wars are won with men like me
Those ignorant and arrogant not knowing
The war has just begun

(Repeat Chorus)