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Holiday Song - Radio Opportunity

The "Holiday Song - Radio Opportunity" is back! All Christmas, New Years, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or "Holiday Themed" songs entered into the Song of the Year "songwriting contest" will be forwarded to program directors for air-play consideration this holiday season at no additional cost. Last year 47 individuals received radio play with this opportunity. There are no additional fees associated with the "Holiday Song - Radio Opportunity" (beyond the standard submission fee to enter songs into the regular Song of the Year songwriting contest).

When you enter your song into the "songwriting contest", you can select the category that best fits the "style of music" of your song (since there is not a specific "Holiday Category"). This is due to the fact that 'ALL' holiday-themed songs entered into the regular songwriting contest (regardless of the category) will be sent to national radio stations for holiday airplay consideration. For example, if you have a "country" Christmas song, you would then select the "Country Category" on the submission form. If you have a "pop" holiday song, you would then select the "Pop Category".

The Submissions Department reviews all of the songs that are entered into the songwriting contest. When we hear that the submission is a holiday song, we will note it accordingly and make it eligible for the holiday opportunity.

* Those writers who receive airplay will be contacted between December 4th - December 25th.